Once you build it, it's still fun!

So, I have this 11 year old kid. He LOVES building stuff. He also likes taking things apart, seeing how they work, and then trying to put them back together again.

That's why I love to buy him LEGO - like this Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle.

What's so awesome about it is that not only does he have something to build (something that keeps him quiet for HOURS, I might add!), but once it's built he can actually keep playing with it! And if he's feeling perky, he can try putting it together in different ways and customizing it.

He has so much frigging fun with this stuff! it's got the little characters and stuff, and I hear him doing those spells (abracadabra levititus or whatever the heck it is) and just playing out scenes from the movie and stuff. That kind of imaginitive play is SO  important for kids.  I love and he loves it!

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