Hate Being in the Dark?

Then you need a great emergency flashlight, like the Rayovac Extreme 3D LED Lantern!

It's high powered light runs off just three D-cell batteries, making it lighter and smaller than most other lanterns that need eight batteries - yet it still puts out a LOT of light with its bright LED bulb. That bulb lasts a lifetime, by the way, so you'll never have to worry about it burning out on you.

The lantern has three modes - High, Low and Strobe. On just those three D cell batteries, you can get up to 72 hours of light on High mode - nearly 150 on Low. And if (God forbid) your family is ever in an emergency situation, that strobe can help you signal rescue workers so you can get help fast.

I grew up in Florida, and know what it's like to go through hurricanes and thunderstorms, and to sometimes be days without electricity. What a comfort it is to have a dependable lantern in the house, that's ready when you need it, easy to find and can shine for days.

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