I love shopping!


One of the best things about living in the southern hemisphere is shopping. Not going out and shop

ping, but shopping online. See, when winter is over in the US and Europe, it's just gearing up down here. That means that all these websites that sell clothes and fashion accessories are cutting prices way down in order to get winter products out of their inventory. 

That means it's a perfect time for me to buy leather boots online! Not just that - sweaters and coats and jackets are all available at amazing prices, ripe for the pickings. 

Of course, if you live in the northern hemisphere, you can take advantage of this too. Look for classic styles rather than trendy items so you're wardrobe won't look dated next year when you wear it. The low prices are a great time to pick up clothing and accessories in natural materials like wool or leather than generally are more expensive. Shop around on the internet, you may be surprised at how much you can save.