Dyson DC25 Vacuum

Our New DysonImage by skylarprimm via FlickrWhen you vacuum your floor, how many times do you go back and forth over a thread or piece of dirt before you just give in, bend over and pick it up by hand? Have you ever finished vacuuming and then looked down only to see that after all that, there was still pet hair and dirt in the carpet?

Why are you wasting your time and breaking your back with a heavy, clumsy, hard to maneuver vacuum cleaner that doesn't get the floors clean? The Dyson DC25 is lightweight and features Ball technology that makes it super easy to maneuver - and it picks up dirt like no other vacuum. Vacuum faster and better with less effort - because you have more important things to do than spend your day picking up dirt your vacuum left behind.

Not convinced? Check out this Dyson DC25 review.
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