Bonsai rocks!

Have you ever done bonsai? I have a small ficus bonsai - it's about 8 years old now. I just love it to pieces. When I first bought it, I didnt' really know anything about taking care of it, but after a while I started learning more and more.

One of the first things I learned was about how important it is to have a quality bonsai tool set. I thought I could get by with just a pair of scissors to cut off the little twigs and leaves I needed to prune, but the truth is that if you want your bonsai tree to grow healthy, you need to have the right tools for working with it.

While their are some really expensive tools, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg if you're just starting out. Just get a decent basic set that includes the most common tools. If you later decide that you really love bonsai, then sure, you can go ahead and invest in more expensive equipment.

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