Cycleops Keeps you Training, even in Bad Weather

So, I have this friend that does those Iron Man type triathlons or whatever they're called. And he trains constantly. Part of his training is on his bike, of course. He rides for HOURS.

Except - sometimes the weather really sucks. I mean, he lives in central Florida, and it rains a lot. And when it rains, you don't want to be on the road on a bicycle, worrying about all that traffic.

Same thing for snow - or even when it's like 100 degrees outside.

But a stationary bike isn't the same - he wanted to train on HIS bike.

So he got a Cycleops Fluid 2 Indoor bike trainer. It's awesome! He just hooks up the back tire, and this thing raises it up off the ground by a couple of inches and holds it steady while he rides as long as he wants. It's even got this thing that provides friction to the tire, so you're not just spinning in the air - it feels like you're really riding down the road.

He had a different model before, but he didn't like it - he said it was too noisy. But with the Cycleops, he can watch TV with no problem while he rides. He's caught up on all his tivo'd episodes of Lost while he was riding. (He still can't figure the dang show out)

Oh, and if you're worried about feeling like your bike is going downhill because the back tire is raised up off the ground, they've got these cool little risers that fit under the front tire, so you can set it up however you like it. Actually, there's a few handy accessories for it - just check them out at Cycleops fluid 2 indoor bike trainer.

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