The iPool Rocks!

I never knew a thing like this even existed! I want one for my back yard so bad!

What is it? It's the iPool exercise pool!

I used to know these people that had an exercise pool in their back yard - it was about 12 feet long and about 9 feet wide.  You'd turn it on and a huge, strong jet of water would start flowing out of one end.  You got in and swam against the current that provided. it was pretty cool at first, but after a little bit, you'd start getting tired, and you had to readjust the strength of the current. If you wanted to slow down a little, and then sprint - well, you couldn't, because the current was always going at the same speed.

That's why the iPool is so cool. It's small, it's portable, it's above ground and.. it has no motor1 You just strap yourself in with a lightweight velcro harness and start swimming. It holds you in place.  You can swim as hard or as easy as you want.

Check it out at iPool exercise pool.


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