Milk Frothers - The New Household Luxury Item

Do you like foam or froth on your coffee? How about on your hot chocolate? Or maybe a little whipped cream on your fresh fruit? Check out the Froth Au Lait Mini Milk Frother!

I'm a nut for cappuccino, so I knew it would be love at first site when I saw this gorgeous little stainless steel beauty.

It whips milk up into a perfect meringue-like froth perfect for cappuccinos, lattes or whatever else you'd like. You've got your choice of hot or cold froth, so it's even wonderful for making whipped cream for cold deserts.

Imagine a Bailey's Irish coffee with this decadent fresh froth spooned on top, then a little bit of bitter chocolate shavings! Oh my - I think I need to go make a drink right now!

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