Harry Potter Wands and Collectibles

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As the Harry Potter series of flicks comes to an end, more and more individuals are getting interested in Harry Potter merchandise. Harry Potter wands have proven to be one of the more popular items. It's a fun item for collectors because there are lots of wands to choosefrom - nearly all of the characters in the movies has a signature wand, and each one is unique.

Wands, of course, are a way for wizards in J.K. Rawlings' wizarding universe to focus their powers when casting spells. While an expert wizard can cast spells without the use of a wand, it can be quite a difficult task. Wands have such extraordinary magical energy, that they are nearly animate beings on their own. In the book and movie series, most wizards get their wands from Ollivander the wand maker, who likes to say "The wand chooses the wizard... it isn't always clear why." It is true though that a adolescent wizard may try on several wands for size before he or she finds one that "accepts" him or her as an possessor.

We muggles have it a bit easier - we are free to own any of the wands we decide on! And there are various to choose from. Of course, Harry's own wand is a "most wanted" among hobbyists. Harry picked his wand out from amongst the hundreds of wands available at Ollivander's shop after a bit of trial and error. Once he had the right wand though, the two went together like hand in glove. What Harry didn't know at the time was that his wand was connected to the wand owned by Lord Voldemort - the same hateful wizard who had assassinated Harry's parents - and had left the lightning bolt shaped mark across Harry's forehead.

Other wands that are popular for collectors are the wands that belonged to other main characters in the book, like Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley or Professor Severus Snape. Each of the wands is distinctive, formed from differing woods and with particular magical cores, like dragon heart-string or a phoenix feather. Of course, one of the most well known wands of all is the Elder Wand, also known as the Deathstick or the Wand of Destiny. This wand had a lengthy and violent past before it came into play during the Harry Potter saga. We won't give away any story spoilers here, but suffice to say the wand played a vital role in the story.

There are many more popular types of Harry Potter memorabilia, such as models, Lego Harry Potter play sets and even action figures, but the Harry Potter Wands are one of the most popular of all. The story of Harry Potter has become remarkably popular, both in book and film. The fact that the finalfilm of the series is nearly upon us producesa bit of sadness for many people who are sorry to see the story end. Itemsare an ideal way to keep a bit of the story alive.

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